We want our customers to enjoy our summerhouses as much as we enjoy making them, and so comfort is our main concern. - Jonathan Salisbury

Our Summerhouses in a Nutshell...


We build your perfect summerhouse.

We build it from scratch.

We use high quality materials.

We use high quality construction.

We deliver and erect your summerhouse.

We leave you delighted...

Ready to entertain friends, a good book, your hobbies, or that burning business idea.


Summerhouse Prices

As all our summerhouses are made to your unique requirements. Please contact us for a quote for your summerhouse. No obligation. No hassle.


How Will You Use Yours?

Summerhouses, home to creative thinkers, writers, artists, crafts people, the studious and the contemplative. Traditionally timber-built, summerhouses have long been a staple of Scandinavian life, and are increasing in popularity here in the UK.

Offering an affordable way to extend the usable space of our homes, a garden focal point, and a cool and relaxing space within which to work, relax, think, dine or entertain, it is no great surprise that we have fallen in love with the summerhouse.

So whether you're a writer from Warwick, a daydreamer from Dunchurch, a handicrafter from Hatton, or a discerning buyer from any corner of Warwickshire, we believe you'll find our bespoke garden buildings provide the perfect environment in which to pursue your interests, your work, or to simply escape the pressures of modern life. How will you use yours?


Built To Meet Your Needs

Odd sizes are no problem. Changes to the dimensions and positioning of doors and windows are no problem either - providing structural integrity is retained, of course, as we build our summerhouses to last. We can advise you on the practicalities of any changes you might request, to ensure the finished product is everything you, and we, would expect.


Material Differences

We believe that a summerhouse is not a building to be thrown up cheaply. They become the spaces within which our customers pursue their life's passions - for reading, for writing, for study, for socialising, for building a business - and they should reflect that fact, through quality materials and sound construction.

That is why we use tongue and groove to join the boards, reducing drafts and the risk of water ingress, and why we further weatherproof your building by extending the roofing felt further than most other manufacturers.

It is why we use only high-quality preservative, and treat all of our buildings on the inside as well as the outside, so that they remain resilient against the cooler, moister air that occurs during the winter months, and which can accelerate the deterioration of cheaper alternatives.

We believe a summerhouse is a purchase you should only need to make once, and so we do everything in our power to make sure your's will last you a lifetime, and provide you with a well-deserved and comfortable haven for years to come.


Come and See For Yourself

We are convinced you'll be fully satisfied with the style, quality, service and attention to detail of a Salisbury's of Kenilworth building.

But to get a better sense of the high standards that our customers have come to expect from us, why not visit our large demonstration area and see our work for yourself. We are easy to reach, just off the A46 Coventry bypass. Click here for directions.

At Salisbury's of Kenilworth you'll get a warm welcome, honest advice, and no hard sell. We look forward to meeting you - call today.