We are firm believers that the best way to grow a business is word-of-mouth. So we take care to maintain our reputation for honest pricing, quality workmanship and high levels of customer satisfaction. We would love to add you to our roster of proud owners and happy customers. - Jonathan Salisbury

Our Animal Housing in a Nutshell...


We learn about your needs - the purpose, style, size, and location of the housing.

We build you a new run, flight, hutch, coop or kennel from scratch.

We use high quality materials.

We use high quality construction.

We deliver and erect your new housing.

We leave you (and your dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens) delighted...

Happy in the knowledge you've secured a shelter fit for your animals' needs.


How We Work

Animal housing comes in many guises, sizes and shapes, as varied as the pets, livestock or working animals they are built to house and protect. That's why we take the time to understand your precise needs before building bespoke. And because we build bespoke, odd sizes and shapes can easily be accommodated, subject to security, welfare and structural integrity being upheld; just ask.

Having built your animal housing using quality materials and methods (see Material Differences, below) we will pre-erect your purchase before delivery and installation, in order to ensure that our own exacting standards have been met. Only then will we deliver your building, so that everything is to the satisfaction of you, your animals and ourselves.


Material Differences

At Salisbury's of Kenilworth we believe animal housing should offer both security and comfort, and meet your needs for years to come.

That is why we build bespoke, using only the best materials and methods, including hand-picked Swedish pine cladding, roofing felt that offers double the lifespan of the felt used in most garden buildings), and high-quality construction methods such as tongue and groove, additional bracing, silicone sealed window glass and the application of preservative treatments both inside and outside the building.

You can read more about what makes our buildings a cut-above here, or better still why not come and meet us or call to get a quote for your perfect workshop.


Come And See For Yourself

To get a better sense of the high standards that other Warwickshire customers have come to expect from us, see The Salisbury's Difference. Or better still, why not come and see our work for yourself. You'll get a warm welcome, honest advice, and no hard sell. We look forward to meeting you - call today.